Author: Andreas Bromba

Mädchen in Japan, Fotografie von Andreas Bromba


Japan? Tokyo? Once you’re there, you want to go back. Why? Maybe because the people are so friendly? Or because the whole country radiates such a special peace, even in the middle of Tokyo among 17 million people? Or because everything works so well? Or because tradition exists alongside
modernity and high-tech? Probably everything together. Ride, fly or swim – otherwise you’ll miss something.

Photo exhibition at the “Hamburger Architektur-Sommer”

19 April 2015 – The upcoming exhibition “The city from below” with photographs by Andreas Bromba from the series “The city from below” at Einstellungsraum e.V. in Hamburg-Wandsbek, a gallery that is particularly popular with young and innovative artists, has been included in the “Hamburger Architektur-Sommer” programme. Many thanks to gallery owner Elke Suhr for her patience and perseverance!   The biennial “Hamburger Architektur-Sommer” has developed into a major event with exhibitions, colloquia and discussions across the city attracting a growing number of visitors. This is architecture at its most vibrant.   The exhibition opens on Thursday, 16 June 2015 at 6 pm at the gallery Einstellungsraum e.V., Wandsbeker Chaussee 11. The photographer Andreas Bromba is present.

The city from below

Places that are unexpected, beautiful, devoid of beauty. As if someone had suddenly turned off the sound or muted their mobile. We expect noise – we’re in the middle of the city after all. But the setting doesn’t need any sound. It has its own frequency. This is the “city from below”: photographs revealing the other sides of a city, beyond the crowds of tourists and coffee-table-book aesthetic – the “special flavour” that every city has.

Other Worlds | TERRRA Total

The photo series TERRRA TOTAL was created in the 1990s under the title Other Worlds. It is a series of macrophotographs: scenes composed of toys and small everyday objects. Smurfs, plastic skeletons and their friends allegorise the absurdities of life – situations people sometimes quite unexpectedly (and helplessly) find themselves in. After a ten-year hiatus, Andreas Bromba has returned to this series under the new title TERRRA TOTAL. The first TERRRA TOTAL scene is entitled “Treffpunkt N.Y.” (“Point of Impact NY”) and was created in January 2002. The series will be continued. All of the photographs are analogue.

sphinx london, die mystische serie

The Mystical Series

The Mystical Series is a conceptual photo series that aims to show, through special places, artworks and buildings in as many different countries as possible, that there is an “invisible” thread uniting all the peoples of the earth – a kind of archetype that calls to mind the same associations for everyone of a primal spiritual connection and yearning.